The Wooden Birdhouse


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The summer months are special and there is nothing I enjoy more then to dig around in the backyard and watch the flowers bloom. As the hummingbirds and butterflies fill the air so does the never ending cycle of staking plants, building watering devices, weeding, and providing for nature to get the full gratification of the summer months.

Throughout the years, I have come up with many ideas to enhance my gardening skills along with ways to save money in the process. I have compiled a lot of my ideas along with pictures and video to help you turn your backyard into a summer haven.

Homemade Greenhouse
Building a small greenhouse

How I built my 50 square foot greenhouse using 1 inch electrial conduit, presure treated deck boards and a roll of greenhouse plastic.

Basement Grow Bench
Indoor Basement Grow Bench

Build a heated grow bench for your basement and grow plants all year long. With a little effort and some cash create the perfect growing environment.

Hanging Flower Baskets in Greenhouse
Greenhouse Growing Tips

There are a few things you need to know before you start growing plants in a greenhouse. These are things I've learned from my mistakes. 


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    Build a Rain Barrel
    Public or well water doesn't even come close to the benifits of using rain water in your garden. 

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    Container Gardening
    I have over 50 potted plants in my backyard and now I prefer to grow my tomatoes and other vegies this way.   

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    Wooden Birdhouses
    We are building birdhouses from reclaimed wood with both functiality and style in mind.   
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    $50 Greenhouse Tent
    Yes, I did use this successfully one season before building a permanent one. Learn what it takes to be successful.

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    Aw, honey... Hmm, sugar-sugar! Are you looking to start a new hobby? This is a great place to start!

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    Attract Hummingbirds

    We get a lot of hummingbirds in our backyard... learn what we do to attract them.