Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Welcome to a small peice of my backyard

My $50 Greenhouse

Well, not really but it was a start. I paid a little more for this one but have since seen it advertised for $50. If you add the $25 heater and additional $50 worth of growing supplies you can have the complete package for about $125.

My $50 Greenhouse

So here is my review: it withstood 40 mph winds with the 45 pound barbell weight holding it down, 8 inches of heavy wet snow, and we had temperatures down to 20 degrees at night. The small Sunbeam heater has a thermostat and keeps the greenhouse at 70 degrees at night on a low setting. The problem we had was ventilation. During bright sunny days it can easily get over 100 degrees inside and we had to cut holes in the top to let heat escape. At night we cover them with duct tape.

We bought a seed germination kit which composed of a heat mat, a plastic tray and clear plastic cover. It worked very well and we were able to germinate very small seeds in less than a week. Once the seedlings grew large enough to transplant into bigger containers, we moved them to 72 cell flats. The greenhouse holds 14 flats. By the end of the season, we completely filled the greenhouse with mixed cut flowers and veggies for the garden.

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