Growing Flowers

The Art and Profit of Growing Flowers

With the massive modernization and development where space has become a scarce resource, growing flowers has become quite rare. In fact, fortunate are those who are blessed to inherit a property with gardens or those who can afford to buy a property with an ample amount of lawn.


Many people grow flowers as a hobby, but very few realize that this simple hobby can be actually a profitable business. Flowers are continuing to sell in the market. In fact, the demand for flowers is predicted to increase in the years to come. Not to mention that the costs to start up this business is fairly low. In fact, anyone can start flower growing business for just $500 or under. In addition, the good thing is that, it is quite feasible to make $1,000 per week from just growing flowers at home.

Growing flowers require little care and attention every day. It does not require full-time effort, that’s why it is the perfect business for moms who stay at home. Visit our website for 62 articles on how to grow flowers.


Everyone loves flowers and zinnias are one of them. Zinnias are well known because of their stunning blooms and broad diversity of colors that exude a sense of life in anyone's backyard. Originally, zinnias were found in the wilds of Mexico in the early 16th century; hence, they are sometimes called as Mexican Marigold. At first, zinnia was named "eyesore" because it is very unattractive and dull. Nowadays, the number of flowers and the variety of colors available is astonishing.

Over the time, zinnia flower has undergone drastic changes in its appearance; hence, the name garden Cinderella. With its wide array of vibrant colors and layered petals, zinnias are now famous all over the world more than ever. In fact, zinnia is the state flower of Indiana. Moreover, there are various symbolic meanings associated with zinnias such as lasting affection, thoughts of absent or distant friends, goodness, constancy, daily remembrance and act of kindness.


Daisy has its own unique charm. Surely, gazing at a cluster of Daisies in the garden or a single cut flower at the center table makes you think of summer. Daisy flowers are so warm, inviting and beautiful. Admit it! It’s just so difficult not to be cheered by a showy, bright white daisy. Just so you know, however, although Daisies often have white petals and yellow centers, extensive hybridization results to new daisy varieties. Some varieties now flaunt pink, rose and lavender petals.

In terms of health benefits, a common Daisy has something to offer. Did you know that its flower head can be used as a compress, infusion or decoction as herbal remedy to cough, migraine, diarrhea, arthritis, rheumatism and even varicose veins? This wonderful flower and herb is definitely a must have in any flower garden! Learn more about Daisy propagation, growing techniques and care tips. Have beautiful and healthy daisies next season!

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