Gardening in your Basement

I grow plants 10 months of the year and could grow all year long if I had the interest to do so. It takes My grow benchabout a $500 investment and a little hard work, but you can create a perfect environment in a basement providing you give it a little effort. Thanks to the marijuana growing industry, a lot of awesome items have made it to the marketplace. You can get really nice grow lights for a reasonable price on Amazon and with a little bit of ingenuity, you can build a hot water heating system that is affordable to operate.

Here in New Jersey we have very cold winters, January and February my basement struggles to get out of the low 50s… not optimal for growing plants. I use a heated bench that keeps the soil temperature at 70 degrees and ambient in the 60s around the growing area. I use the same method in my greenhouse and cut my heating cost in half.

Building a heated bench

My outdoor greenhouse bench is copper pipe and my indoor uses plastic PEX tubing. The copper has better heat transfer but the plastic works well too. The cost difference for plastic is a 60 percent savings over copper. The price for copper $120 and PEX is about $50 for an 8-foot grow bench. You will also need a circulator pump and a 2-gallon electric hot water heater. There are many options for lighting, I use 8 12X12 inch LED 45W lights.

heated grow bench diagram